Pest Control made easy

Envirothem™ is an innovative pest control process - using HEAT - developed by Revival Environmental.

Revival Environmental use HEAT to kill and eradicate all manner of pests. Discover more about how HEAT KILLS. In a rush? Click on the image above to view our short animation that describes in a nutshell how heat is the most effective form of pest control.



Hotel Industry

Due to the transient nature of the industry,  infestions of bedbugs is unavoidable. Reacting quickly is vital to protect profit and reputation.

In situations where income is reliant upon daily or continual occupation of accommodation albeit through hotel suites, housing associations or rental property, it is vital that the downtime associated with an internal insect infestation is reduced to a minimum.

Care Homes

When an elderly resident in assisted accommodation is showing continual signs of bedbug bites, there is a duty of care by the provider to act quickly.

Residential homes are ideal breeding ground sites for bedbugs and once established, extremely difficult to eradicate. Elderly residents with limited mobility make perfect donors for bedbugs and large colonies can become quickly established.

Food Manufacturers

The raw product requirements for food production such as cereals, rice, flour etc. bring with it all manner of issues when delivered to the factory.

Large quantities of raw materials will always attract a predator insect that is naturally attracted to that product. Controlling the predator and ensuring that it does not get into the food chain, is a constant battle that food manufacturers faces every day.